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Our Work

Here in Miracle Hands hair world of creativity, We are focused on working with different models that would like to take their modeling career to a whole different level of success. We produce our own hair shows with Mr. John Blessingame, he's an international magazine publisher based in Newark Jersey he has been in the industry for 44 years. We have also, worked with FTM modeling agency. They're based in Jacksonville, NC.

May I mention, NOTHING ABOUT Miracle Hands IS BASIC or REGULAR. We have an eye for CREATIVITY! If you feel that you have that edgy personality we are the company you want to be apart of. We have so many great ideas. We're just looking for the models that's ready. Is that person you?



Grace Jones look

This is one of our first major photo shoots we did in May 2023. Our Model Christal Dunaway had the vision to reproduce one of Grace Jones looks for an Australian magazine publisher Miroite'r Magazine. Grace Jones was famous for being an stage actress, high-fashion model, disco singer, photographer's muse, new wave musician, film star and perennial trend-setter. This look was so amazingly fun, I enjoyed working with Christal.  I enjoyed helping her dreams become reality!


Medusa Look

 Did you know that Medusa? The lady that was known for having the hair made out of snakes; unlike the Gorgons, she was sometimes represented as very beautiful. Some may think of the idea as evil.  However, it's not! Medusa symbol used to protect and defend against dangerous elements "and" to ward off evil with one evil image after another. We we're apart of an front cover magazine contest and we won!! I REALLY enjoyed creating this look !!



Who's Next???

We're looking for our next model is that you ?


Who's Next??

We will be having another model casting call. Who will be next to be published in another front cover?

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