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Miracle Hands Hair Thickening Oil Vol 2 is exactly what we all need to help build strength in your hair follicles. If you have any type of Alopecia this oil is you go to in order to get a jump start with your healthy hair growth journey. If you are suffering from any hairloss in referance to covid-19. THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU !!!!!!!

Miracle Hands Hair Thickening Oil Vol 2

$14.99 Regular Price
$11.99Sale Price
  • You will apply Miracle Hands Hair Thickening Oil Vol 2 onto your scalp before shampooing. Doing so will keep hair follicles healthy. Proceed to our peppermint Deep Cleanser. Can also, be applied onto hair every 2-3 days. Best results when applied before bed. Be sure to take before and after pictures to help keep track of your hair growth journey with us !!

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